Friday, February 22, 2013

Love letters to L & E

On Valentine’s Day I wrote these notes to my kiddos, capturing a few of the distinctive traits that make them preciously themselves. What a wonder it is to get to know new facets of them as they grow, and to see how some traits that first arose in their baby stages are still powerful pieces of who they are.


The Helper: A request for help is immediately followed by a rapid, “thump, thump, thump, thump” of your racing feet. You relish helping in any capacity, with a true heart to serve and assist.

Miss Independent: At first you would tell us “I do, I do!” and now your phrase is “No,  I do it myself!” From washing your hands, to getting dressed, to everything else in your life, you like to do things on your own. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating when I explain for the seventh time that day that only Mommy can properly buckle your car seat straps, but I love how it pushes you to new achievements and helps you play on your own admirably.

The Concerned Sister: If Luke falls, you rush to his side, kneeling down and earnestly asking, “You okay Luke?” You’re also often quick to check in with him to find out what he would like to do, utilizing your verbal strengths saying, “Luke, you want to play ____?”

The Mischief Maker: There’s an undeniable twinkle of mischief that often flickers in your eyes. Sometimes it lands you in time-out but other times it leads to sweet, spunky sillyness that we adore.

Little Princess: If your stool isn’t placed next to your chair at the table, there’s sure to be an indignant squawking, “Where my stool?!” Erik jokes, “How about I just crouch down and let you climb up on my back?” In your kingdom, rain boots are appropriate footwear every day of the week, no matter our desert biome. All your particular ideas about every detail make us laugh, and help me put my own princess tendencies in perspective. (:


Mr. Joy: On multiple occasions throughout each day you earnestly exclaim, “I love this day, Mommy!” and brighten even my dreariest moments with your ever-ready sunshine-y grin. Eleanor has picked it up from you too and will make the same sweet proclamation. Your joy is contagious, dear one!

Mr. Mover: Since before you turned one, you’ve had an insatiable desire to move items en masse. Here you are collecting toys and other paraphernalia to fill your train, conveniently parked in the middle of my kitchen.

The Artist: One warm afternoon, I set up a tub of shaving cream and glitter paint for you and Ella to mix and manipulate. Within seconds you jumped in to fully immerse yourself in the gooeyness. You take on all things touch-sensory with gusto and the messier the art project the better in your book.

The Brave & Tender-hearted: You feel deeply, whether it be a show or a book, even mildly sad plots grip you with compassionate concern. It’s not uncommon that you don’t want to continue because your emotions are so intense! But you’re also brave, lately it seems you’ve even been seeking out bravery-building. You choose to sleep without a nightlight (with your door closed too!), you squish bugs in the house with your bare hands, you’re always willing to try new foods, and you try not to cry when you get an ouchie.

Rule-Maker: You seem to enjoy picking up rules of the world and passing them on to others. It makes you a wonderfully protective big brother pointing out dangers to Eleanor, a vigilant back-seat driver, and sometimes a little comedic. Recently you informed me when I was frustrated over something, “That’s just how life is, Mom.”

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  1. Lovely, Erin. All the photos are great, too, and the one on top is particularly striking!