Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ahoy there!

In typical last-minute fashion, we’re planning a pirate parrrrty for Luke this Saturday. Yes it was back in February that he turned 4, but that was a busy month and the weather wasn’t ideal, so we’re stretching out the birthday season. I happen to have a lot of cute pirate party supplies from some impulse purchases at a major clearance back when Luke was a baby. But after I bought them I started to rethink the pirate theme which froze my party plans for some time. Can we really throw a pirate party? Are pirates good moral influences? What about the violence and the plunder? Does Luke really understand what a pirate is anyway? But then I decided I was overthinking it and kid pirates engage a playful pirate fantasy rather than the grim historic realities. And there are so many fun activities to do with a pirate/nautical theme that make it ideal for kids.

So I took the plunge. The invite was easy to make – I just put the text on top of a free clipart image and dusted off my pirate lingo. Now I’m looking forward to coming up with pirate names for all of Longjohn Luke’s friends!


Well, it’s back to swabbing decks and loading canons so we’ll be ship-shape for the big event. A pirate’s life for me!

PS: Here’s a few old pics of Luke in one of the pirate costumes that I found for pennies. The scallywag!

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