Monday, May 6, 2013

Pirate party: Setting the scene

What a fun time we had preparing for and hosting Luke’s Pirate Paarrrrty! Our little pirate friends entered Captain Luke’s Hideout here.

Once inside they took on more suitable names of course! We went for alliteration with kid-friendly pirate or ocean terms, and then printed them onto labels and pinned them on a bulletin board. A few of the shipmates who couldn’t join us included: Grant of the Green Galleon, Anya of Octopus Isles, and Cap’n Henry Hook.

With their new names firmly affixed, the crew joined Eagle Eye Ellabelle and Long John Luke in pirate paradise (aka the patio).

The weather was glorious, warm and sunny with a slight breeze to ruffle the sails. Erik made those for the tables by stapling fabric to some scrap wood and lashing it to a pole.

The fabric pennant garland was quick to make too and I loved its whimsical, colorful touch. I think I have a weakness for textiles in general, because the other ocean/pirate themed fabrics were my favorites as well...

Of course we weren’t able to execute everything in my initial party brainstorm, but given that we set the date and started to plan only 36 hours before the party, we were in pretty good shape when the start time rolled around. Maybe last-minute planning is the best way to go for themed events like this, because you can only plan and prep for so long and then the party starts! I think my family may have benefitted from that too, because I wasn’t distracted and honey-doing for too long, and the kids’ patience wasn’t overtaxed with awaiting the big event.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more party details. We took so many photos I didn’t want to cram them all into one super-long post!

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