Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pirate party: The grub

Perhaps to my family’s detriment, I can be inclined to prioritize premium décor over premium food. Shop for deals on special grocery items or look for deep discounts on table linens? I’d probably opt for the latter and you’d find us eating mac and cheese or pasta marinara yet again that night. So when it came to Luke’s pirate party, we rigged the food table as a gallant pirate ship first and then started working on its edible cargo.

Below is a post-party shot of our snacks – the remains of Cap’n Hook’s Hummus with carrots and celery, as well as a few types of goldfish, er, Shark Bait. Smile

There was a pirate-y jug of water, and a cooler for sodas and juices.

For dessert I made my family’s standby birthday treat, chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, and served it as cupcakes with pirate themed sticker flags.

As a dairy-free alternative, we served orange ships atop a blue Jello ocean. These were so easy to make, we might have them again soon for a game night. You just pour the blue Jello into a plastic cup, let it set, and then stick an orange wedge with a toothpick sail on top.  The crew relished sinking their ‘ships’ into the ‘sea’ and then pulling them back up again.

That was it for our very simple pirate spread! Each time I ask Luke what he liked best at the party he has a different answer. Today he told Nika and Papi that the cupcakes were his favorite, but I think that was because there’s just a few of them left now and he was hoping to have one for snack. We love you scallywag sunshine boy (who demanded tiger whiskers with his pirate costume)!

{Looking for the full party scoop? Check out all our pirate photos here, the invitation here, the decorations here, and the activities here.}

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