Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dog versus toddler

It’s such a blessing that even though Luke runs and climbs like a wild child all day long, he is content to ride in his stroller for our after-dinner walks. Erik and I get to talk while Luke takes in the passing vehicles, points at dogs, and keeps his eyes peeled for playgrounds. We only pass those when we plan to take him out and let him play for a while!

Many times dog walkers have invited Luke to pet their pooches when he excitedly points and waves in their direction. I always feel pangs of guilt when he eagerly pats the dog and happily giggles as his face is licked. One day we’ll get you a puppy, little boy! But the other night instead of guilt I felt pride and a sense of accomplishment during Luke’s dog encounter. The dog owner said ‘sit!’ and while neither of her little dogs sat down, Luke immediately sat on the sidewalk and looked up at her expectantly. Our child training has surpassed at least some dogs’ training! That’s a victory isn’t it? Now if only I could teach him to lie still when I’m changing his diaper!Luke 8-2010 087 blog

PS: This post title was inspired by a youtube video that I love. I think I appreciate it because it reminds me that things aren’t as bad as they seem when I feel outmatched by Luke’s strong will. I suppose that’s also why I was so delighted by his obedience to a dog command! Can you imagine this little face ever giving me any trouble?! He is such a wonderful boy, but he has a certain wild streak that laughs at discipline and can be a bit overwhelming at times!

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