Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Luke’s first sleepover!

After our lake adventures, we traveled south to visit Erin’s family in North Carolina. There Luke’s water fun continued poolside and he made fast friends with the family dogs, Penny and Easter. He also had a terrific time exploring his uncles’ old toys with Papi

NC visit 8-2010 008 blogand getting special treats from Big Mama! The phrase ‘special treat’ is now a frequent one in Luke’s vocabulary. He likes to go into our kitchen, point at the snack shelf and say ‘special treat?’

NC visit 8-2010 010 blog

Once Luke had been traveling for a week and a half and had become fully off-kilter from his regular sleeping routine and a little overwhelmed with the nonstop excitement of vacation, Erik and I took off for a few nights and left Luke with my parents! It was the first time that we’d both left him overnight, but he did wonderfully and my parents and brothers did a terrific job taking care of him. My brothers earned their uncle badges once again when Luke got carsick all over them during their drive up to NJ – he was very sorry about that guys!NC visit 8-2010 029 blog

Meanwhile Erik and I flew north to visit friends in Princeton and attend a dear friend’s wedding in Philadelphia. We had a wonderful time, it was amazing how many more people we were able to see in our brief time in Princeton without a little one’s schedule to accommodate. And we caught up with so many college friends at the beautiful wedding, including some that we hadn’t seen since our nuptials five years ago! But don’t think that our baby expertise was entirely neglected – here you see me holding little Titus while his father hastily made his way to the mic to bless the meal. (photo from Christina Keddie) 973525196_7YHeN-X3 blog

Finally, our trip wasn’t complete without a little Craig’s List shopping. My dream double stroller was listed for a good price on the triangle area CL, so we traveled home with an extra-large baby gear item on top of all our other luggage! We were quite a sight making our way through the Albuquerque airport. I think that the luggage assistant was stifling a chuckle when we confidently replied “no, we’re fine!” when asked if we needed any help. Two strollers, one car seat, two huge suitcases, three or four smaller bags, one toddler…. check!

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