Monday, September 13, 2010

Luke’s cloud nine: Webster Lake

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month and a half since our big trip back east! I should have documented those fun times weeks ago, but somehow now, as Halloween decorations are overtaking retail stores, I’m finally sitting down to post that update. I think this was our fourth multi-stop east coast tour since moving to Albuquerque, and our third with Luke, but as he grows and changes so quickly the traveling experience feels new each time. In the preceding months I set aside special toys in anticipation of our big trip, hoping to build an arsenal of in-flight peace-promoters. This time though, we didn’t have to reach into my stash nearly as quickly. Our little boy was quite captivated by watching the airline crews at work and looking down at the ground below. Eventually though, the view was obscured by clouds and the in-flight novelty started to fade. Our secret weapon proved to be the little handheld game console that Erik had loaded with Elmo videos along with a pair of childsize headphones to protect bystanders from the soundtrack. Sweet silence for at least a short period!

Our first stop was Webster Lake, NH, home to a traditional Nielsen family reunion. Luke had a glorious time, living it up in the sandbox:

Webster Lake 8-2010 009 blogPlaying in the gazebo – what a novelty to have his ‘own’ little house complete with a door that he could easily open and close, not to mention the thrill of playing there with Grandma!

Webster Lake 8-2010 102psp blog There were also new peekaboo playmates:

Webster Lake 8-2010 100 blog  Webster Lake 8-2010 098 blog2

and Uncle Travis and Uncle Bryan (below – riding the ‘explora truck’ that was one of Erik’s favorite toys as a toddler)!

Webster Lake 8-2010 061 blog

What a gorgeous setting for a fun week with family. Even the scary fever that Luke came down with couldn’t dampen his enjoyment of the time for long. The little guy LOVES attention, and being the only great-grandchild he was bathed in it along with all his favorite past times: sand, water, grass, rocks, sticks, books, and cars! We think he’s ready to go back already!

Webster Lake 8-2010 109Click here for more NH pics and hopefully I’ll be back soon with a few more catch-up posts!

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