Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Website revamp!

Luke 8-2010 011psp blogFor some time Erik and I have wanted to combine our blog and photo site and give them a new look. After getting some tips and inspiration from Erik’s brother, a very talented professional web designer, my husband unleashed his own technical handyness on the job. I stuck to my strengths – the fun parts! – and created the webpage header and shared suggestions. Luke kept us on our toes by always reaching for his favorite computer button, the power switch, which is conveniently located for him on the exterior hinge of the laptop and is ringed with  a glowing light to further entice him to push it. Dell certainly didn’t have toddlers in mind when they designed this machine!

Now you can check one homepage ( to see the two newest blog entries and the four most recently updated/added photo galleries. You can still access our photo galleries and our blog separately, and those links can be found on our homepage as well. We hope you enjoy the changes and would love to hear any suggestions you might have!

I’ll leave you with a family photo taken about a month ago by a friend during a stroll along the Sandia Crest. The air was enchantingly misty as clouds swirled up and over the mountain range. While we enjoyed the ambiance, Luke delighted in climbing over rocks and collecting sticks, staying still for a photo wasn’t his idea!

Ariels Visit 7-2010 113psp blog

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