Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red & pink for the paparazzi

On Saturday we snapped our second annual Valentine’s portrait series. How can I not love holiday traditions that allow for extra quantities of pink apparel?  Luke napped in the stroller for a while so Eleanor had a rare stretch of solo camera time. What a little cutie-star she is!

Now that she’s walking she’s even more fun to photograph. We don’t have to worry about whether the ground is clean enough to crawl on. And she lights up with the delight of exploration and accomplishment!

Then Luke awoke, energy restored.

Did I really miss out on playtime at the Botanic Gardens?

We laughed when Luke imitated Eleanor’s Franken-walk inside the aquarium.

And then we finished the day with dinner at the Owl Café in celebration of Luke’s thrilling accomplishment – potty-training! We’ve been accident free this past week and just use pull-ups at night now. What better Valentine’s present could a Mommy ask for? I was also proud of him for signing his friends’ valentines with a yellow 'L’ and sealing them up himself.

Here are some pics from last V-day when the Ellabel was just a tiny babe. A world of difference between those and this year’s pics! They’re looking more and more like a pair of kids rather than a little boy and a baby!

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