Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three cheers for Luke!

Well, it happened. Our Luke turned THREE! Balloons and a sign set the birthday scene.

Luke wasn’t so impressed with Erik’s and my efforts for his cake at first.

But he warmed up to it after a little while.

And decided to do a little closer examination.

Then it was present time! In the past we’ve done presents after cake, which also puts them right before bedtime. It’s easy to see how this results in a tantruming birthday boy – sugar high plus overstimulation plus amazing presents plus parents who won’t let him play with them until tomorrow equals no fun for anyone. What an improvement to open them in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time for playing with them and less evening rush.

And what wonderful presents he received! Here’s his pizza kit – the cutter multitasked as a present opening tool for the rest of the gifts.

Such a handsome cozy sweater made by Gi Gi Ma! It makes Luke’s hugs even more snuggly too.

We’re all excited about this Leapster game as a fun activity for Luke when we’re traveling, looking at houses, going to appointments, and in other less child-focused scenarios.

Giving me a shot with his new doctor supplies.

After an ear check: “Grandma & Grandpa, there’s a raccoon in Mommy’s ear!!”

We’re not sure where he came up with that diagnosis, but we’ve had quite a rash of raccoon illness ever since. Then there was lots of train playtime, featuring a terrific new roundhouse.

Luke was showered with such perfect gifts that Erik and I were almost going to forgo a bday gift for the boy altogether. But then I found a sturdy tricycle on Craig’s List and we picked it up just before his birthday. He loves his balance bike and maybe a tricycle will teach him the pedaling skills he needs to eventually move up to a full bike.

We stopped by a real estate open house in the afternoon, had a pizza dinner, and then it was cake time! As we were sitting down Luke exclaimed, “Idea! Luke need birthday hat!!” So of course I had to rectify my lapse in planning with a paper crown in Luke’s choice of color.

He blew out the candles like a champ!

And chose the front of the engine for his piece.

Ella chowed down too. She enjoyed the cake so much that I’m sure she would say it was worth it even if a cake overdose was the cause of her upset tummy later on…

We are so thankful for our three years with you, Luke!! You delight us endlessly with your joy, your passion, your creativity, your sweetness, your energy, and your sense of humor! You fill our days with fun, wonder, and of course a steady dose of parenting bewilderment. We pray that the Lord will watch over you and guide you to trust in Him. XOXOXOXO!!

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