Monday, November 7, 2011

Blooms & Bugs

Our costume fun didn’t stop with the Fire Brigade. Little Miss Ella is too full of personality to be limited to just one costume in this super-cute stage. So when I saw a flower costume at a resale shop and a friend gave me her girls’ ladybug costume, I couldn’t wait to dress our princess up all over again. Here she is, the Ella-Bloom!

Air kisses for her adoring public.

And winter-blooming on a cold morning in the stroller.

Then our garden fun continued, with Ella-BUG!!!

On a hunt around the yard

To find flower petals and other baby bug toys.

We love you Ellie-bug and Ella-bloom! You’re welcome in our yard anytime.

(So many more cute pics here and here.)


  1. When she smiles she just seems to be saying she is having the time of her life! Tooo cute!


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