Monday, November 28, 2011

Bye bye Luna, hello Hacienda?

After falling in love with Luna and dreaming up all sorts of terrific renovations for her, we’ve come to the point of walking away. Our short-sale offer never made it to the bank, instead the seller rejected it saying he would only consider list price or above, even though the house is now a short sale.

The list price was too high for us given Luna’s state of disrepair. In fact, we doubt that anyone would pay list price, particularly as the house continues to deteriorate due to its failing roof. So there’s a small chance that we’ll see Luna on the other side of foreclosure. If we’re still looking and the water damage doesn’t escalate too much we might still be a perfect match for that dreamy dilapidation.

While we’re sad to walk away from “Noona, giant house" as Luke calls her, and all the hospitality and family fun that she would amply accommodate, I must confess to feeling a twinge of relief. Erik and I so enjoy home projects – the design collaborations, the planning and executing, and the feeling that our home is really ours because we’ve made a creative imprint on it. But of course, Luke and Eleanor are our most important home endeavor, and I was a little worried about Luna taking too much time away from them.

Back at the drawing board, we browsed real estate listings some more. We’re still open to fixer-uppers, but we’d prefer they be a little less extensive than Luna. We’ve looked all over Albuquerque, but no yard enchanted us quite so much as this one.

We call her the barn house, the homestead, the hacienda. Today we put in an offer and are waiting to hear back from the bank once again. Maybe it’s the country life for us after all!

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  1. That is a gorgeous view Erin! I feel your pain house hunting though. It always feels like such drama...


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