Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mommy the Patient

Train rides, dinosaur museums, and aquariums are frequented during Luke’s imaginative games with me. But his current favorite is  a clear front-runner. It’s an amalgamation of Luke’s experience being scratched by a cat that he was overly eager to greet and a Caillou episode (‘Caillou the Patient’). Luke’s game goes like this:

- First Luke is a nice cat who comes and gives his Mommy cat a kiss.

- Then he comes back announcing that he’s a bad cat! I scream and run but Luke catches me and scratches me (very gently in a pretend way of course).

- Luke rushes to get the ambulance (his ride-on fire truck) which he drives to the hospital (bathroom) with the wounded patient holding onto the back (and pushing the truck preferably).

- I sit on the stool in the hospital while Doctor Luke gets ready to help me. Without fail, the only wounded area is my knees. Doctor Luke starts the treatment by washing my knees carefully.

- Then he applies various medicines which are stored in the soap, shampoo and bubble bath bottles found around our bathtub. Most medicines are “not ouchy” but every once in a while I’m administered an “ouchy” one. And it stings!

- Finally, my treatment is completed with two band-aids. The doctor pronounces me “all better!” at last!

Usually the bad cat reappears and the cycle continues. But sometimes Luke gets scratched by the cat. He pages me and also calls “nurse!” (Eleanor). After treatment he tells me in the sweetest voice, “Thank you Mommy Doctor!”

Well, I better run… the bad cat is coming!!

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