Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding week Part 2

Luke had warmed up his dance moves a little bit in the first half of our wedding double header, but he really let loose at Uncle Bryan and Aunt Chelsie’s reception. His giddy audience-activated hyper-drive was on full power, and he loved showing off his moves while everyone else ate dinner. Erik and I were celebrating too because our little boy had done an impeccable job delivering the rings during the wedding ceremony. And how cute he was in his ring-bearer suit! Unbelievably though, we took NO photos of him all suited up. So I’m borrowing these next two from Heather Nielsen, the only shots we have of Luke the irresistible ring bearer.


And we were so honored to have Erik serve as a groomsman for his brother. But since he’d been a groomsman for 3 out of the 5 weddings we’ve attended since having kids, it got me thinking… the next wedding we attend I need to work my way into the bridal party! That way Erik can try his hand at being solo kid-corraller at a wedding service. Here Heather and I try to get a photo with all three of the Nielsen great-grandchildren together.

Thankfully we were able to stay with Erik’s parents and grandparents in a cabin on the grounds of the retreat center where the wedding was held. They were all-star child entertainers!

And our trusty orange-mobile was all the transportation we needed for the weekend. Here’s Miss Elzabel in her typical feet-propped-up position.

Bryan and Chelsie tied the knot on the shores of Lake George, NY.  Not only is that a meaningful area for them, but it also happens to be significant in Erik’s and my relationship. I grew up in NC and Erik in NY, but we share a childhood tradition of camping each summer at the very same itty-bitty campground on Lake George. When I learned that about Erik, it set off my “he’s the one” radar for the second time. Now Bryan and Chelsie’s beautiful ceremony adds another layer to this lake’s romance for us!

The rustic stone chapel where they said their vows was the epitome of storybook charm.

The leaves were just starting to turn and the entire weekend was gorgeously mild and sunny. The weather and every detail joined us in celebrating the beautiful love that this couple has for one another. We are so thrilled that the Lord has brought them together – for the gift they are to each other and to everyone they know. I’m especially delighted to now have such a wonderful fellow sister/daughter in-law among the Petersburgh Nielsens, and look forward to spending time with Chelsie at family get-togethers to come! Many many blessings Bryan and Chelsie!

(A few more pics here.)

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