Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweet, sour & silly talk


Luke waltzed off to play as I tearfully bid him goodbye when we tried out ‘Mother’s Morning Out’ back in September. All morning I missed his vibrant activity. When I came to pick him up, eager to see how he fared, he was contentedly eating a snack and talking to a teacher. So independent! Not missing his mother at all!

So I squatted down to say hi to my big boy. His face brightened as he looked up at me and in his most earnest voice he told me, “Thank you coming back Mommy.”

In the car he shared a few more poignant thoughts. “Luke worried Mommy no pick up.” Of course I told him that he didn’t need to worry because I’ll always come to get him. So he said, “Sorry Mommy Luke worried.”

With sweetness like that, I am constantly reminding him that he’s adored by his parents. And he likes to remind me back: “Mommy loves Luke SOOOO much!”

He also has the sweetest way of delivering thank you and please requests (unless he’s in a grouchy mood!) and in the morning he walks out and sweetly says, “Good morning Daddy!”

And sometimes that sweetness is shared with his sister. A few weeks ago, he asked me to read him a truck book but I wasn’t able to read it right then. So Luke happily moved on to Plan B: “Luke read truck book to Eleanor!” That melted my heart too!


Just a couple weeks ago he started the ‘why phase.’ And now he constantly asks us why about everything. I try to preempt the question by giving a reason initially but it has absolutely no effect. There are things that I love to explain and discuss with our boy, but I realize now that there are also many things that I don’t want questioned! How can I teach him the difference?

Sometimes when I tell Luke to do something, he looks at me very seriously and says: “one more minute” with his pointer finger held up. The audacity! He wants to be a little negotiator already.

Well, there are certainly many more sour sayings to report, but we don’t want to dwell on them. So we’ll move on…


Luke has been taking excessive precautions in his backseat driving these days. “Daddy no hit lions. No hit purple lions.” We’re also instructed not to hit green horses, blue fire trucks, and airplanes. If you’re inclined to orange dragon road rage, Luke’s the road trip partner for you.

He makes other requests in the car too. The other day he announced: “Mommy, Luke want to jump on monkeys’ bed!!” After a pause, he added another request. “Mommy! Luke want monkeys jump on Luke’s bed!”

He tells me the funniest things when I lie down with him at bedtime. Like this sequence:

“Luke like dinosaurs, Mommy.”  Long pause.

“Luke like dinosaurs no moving.”  Shorter pause.

“Luke scared dinosaurs!”

You keep us laughing Luke!

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